Happy Easter!

Hope you had an amazing day! 
Here’s a sneak peek at ours.
More pictures and an Easter basket tutorial to come...


Lovely Letterpress + Giveaway!

Most of my designer’s life, I have had an obsession for letterpress. 

 (source: BellaFigura: my all-time favorite letterpress site)

I love the tactile feel of heavyweight, blotter paper. 
I am amazed by the craft.
The texture of each debossed letter or pattern.
What’s not to love??

Of course not all of us can learn the classic trade nor can we invest in the equipment.
Thankfully, there is a fun alternative!
...drum roll please...

Check out this amazing giveaway for an Epic Letterpress machine starter kit!
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Woo Hoo!


Who wants AWESOME jewelry?!

Who would love to win
an AMAZING set of Stella & Dot earrings?!
Check out my good friend, Lindsay’s page to enter the GIVEAWAY!!

About a month ago, she invited me to a party and I FELL IN LOVE with the entire line!!

I immediately bought a set of rings and a pair of earrings for myself and a bracelet for Duckie!
Of course, I wanted it ALL!!

The next day, she decided she would become a stylist and BOOM!! She did it! (woo hoo!!)

Check out her blog to enter the giveaway!

And don't forget to visit her personal Stella & Dot site!


Dear Duckie

My sweet girl, you are growing up so quickly. I know it sounds so cliché but it’s so true. Every day, it seems like you are saying something new and coming up with funny things to say! A week ago, you looked at baby Titus and said “Hiiii Ti-tusss! Hey buddy!”

You love being the center of attention - you know how to make people laugh and love to work the crowd!! I love it when you go around an entire room shaking everyone’s hand or passing out free hugs and kisses. It’s so cute, not to mention extremely loving and kind. :)

Some of your favorite things are...

DANCING! Anytime you hear music, you stop what you’re doing and bust a move!

wearing dresses and shoes!

stickers, drawing and “co-luhs” (crayons)

taking care of her babies, Emmie and Ash-ooo (Ashlee)
Emmie is your favorite though. You like to carry her around, feed her, love her, make her dance, put her down for a nap and sometimes throw her across the room saying “uh-oh Em-mieee!” :)

pips (chips)

ma-pies (aka little gerber puffs)

It’s the most amazing blessing to be your mommy. I love you so much and am so thankful the Lord has given us the privilege of being your parents. Each day is a precious gift and I can’t wait for the next!