Happy Mother’s Day

Brunch + handmade card = PERFECT Mother’s Day!

Thanks Duckie & Daddy for making me feel so loved and special!


Project 365: April 2011

March was another amazing month to be Duckie’s Mommie!
We got to see Baby (not so baby) Sydney and enjoyed the chance to see you both running around with each other for the first time!
Daddy got a new car and for a brief moment, you now look little again because the new car seat is way bigger. Mommy and Daddy smiled seeing you look so small!
 You can turn door knobs, climb up on a table and pull a wagon all by yourself.

Bubble baths, crayons, chalk, bubbles are your favorite things right now (in addition to loving and caring for Emmie).
On 04.16, you drew a squiggle, stopped, pointed to it and exclaimed, “COW!” ... So cool to see your imagination taking off.

Parmesan cheese are two of your most favorite things right now. Check out 04.21.
Yeah, that’s you licking the Parmesan sprinkles off of the pizza... 
If I only Mommy looked this cute while doing this...

You love to squat and say “CHEEEEESE!” when I take your picture. I’m always squatting to your level and I think it’s hilarious that this is how you understand having your picture taken.

In your eyes, Word World is just about the greatest thing that has ever graced the big screen! The whole family gets a huge kick out of watching you shake it to the Dancin’ Duck Bonanza! 
“Clap! And stomp! And wiggle waggle!! ... Now reach for the sky!!!”

Mommy had to go on a business trip but left you in good hands. Daddy, Aunt Susan, Aunt Catherine and Uncle Monty took extremely good care of my precious cargo while I was away! We are so lucky to be blessed with such wonderful family and friends!

You never cease to amaze me with your latest discovery, talents or vocabulary!