Best of 2010!

Can't believe this year is actually coming to an end. My pal Lindsay said she used to think of "2010 was when we'd have flying cars and be all futuristic and stuff. And now, it's past that!" I must admit, I'm a little shocked myself.

So long 2010 ... Thanks for the memories! Can't wait for 2011!

Duckie on her second official day of walking!

First haircut. Scared to death. :)

Fell asleep sitting straight up, drinking milk.

February 11, 2010: Most snowfall we've ever seen in Dallas!


Duckie & Mommy

My nephew and his friends built the largest snowman ever.

Duckie hates snowmen...

...no matter what size.

Livin' it up at the park!

We LOVE Photobooth!!

Easter 2010

How am I supposed to get up the slide with this ridiculous skirt?

Pants on da' ground!

Duckie loves chips, of every kind, every flavor. Mmmmmm!

Balloons can provide hours and hours of fun!!

Turkey Trot 2010!

12.12.10: Night before Duckie turns TWO!

Family Birthday Shot! We love you Duckie!!

Waiting to see Santa

So many blessings this year. We are so thankful to God for the glorious days we had and look forward to next year!


Santa Baby

Second picture with Santa.. HA! Love this face!! :)
Is it bad that I would think it was even cuter if she was crying harder? Probably, but you have to admit those pictures make for some classic memories!

Love you Duckie!


Happy Birthday Duckie!

One of THE greatest days of my entire life was two years ago today.

Duckie, my angel, light of my life - Mommy and Daddy love you more than anyone has ever loved before. We are so grateful to God for blessing our lives with you.

Duckie's Two Year Stats:
Height: 34 inches (60%)

Weight: 24 pounds (10%)

She loves counting, playing with her animals and blocks, LOVES to draw pictures and play with stickers. And more than anything, she loves to work the room, by hugging, kissing and shaking everyone's hands. She says "KISSES!" when she wants to give you a kiss. And says "AWWWW!" when she gives hugs. Oh, they're the best hugs ever - even come with a gentle pat on the back with her head perfectly tucked into your shoulder. She's most ticklish underneath her arms and on her (formerly) chubby thighs.


Great start to a Monday morning!

Heard a great message while driving to work this morning called "What God thinks about when He thinks about you." Loved how Andy Stanley asked us to think, "Is it possible that maybe when God thinks about us, He feels compassion?" Sometimes, even we as Christians, are so quick to assume that God thinks of us the way we view ourselves. If we've had a good day, then we think He looks at us and smiles. If we've had a "not so great" day, we think He is mad at us. I'm not sure about you, but I know I've had this thought more frequently than I'd like to admit. But here's the great thing. God loves us every day, no matter what. What an awesome concept, huh? Like the story of The Prodigal Son, He doesn't care how far we've strayed, He'll be anxiously awaiting our arrival home and rejoice upon our return. I am humbled and thankful beyond measure to know that my God forgives, loves and cherishes me. How can I honor Him today?

Also, at church yesterday, I heard an equally as moving message that I needed so much. I had been struggling with some personal issues and was literally asking God to soften my heart and find a way for me to let go of the bitter thoughts that were running through my brain. He spoke through our pastor and made His presence known. What an answer to prayer. Love how He remains faithful and can let us know He hears our heart, even the smallest of request!

Check out this verse that brought me some encouragement when I was down...

Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love Him.
James 1:12.

Oh, and while we're on the topic of verses, check this out for weekly inspiration coming at you in 2011!



Fingerprint Friday: Cutest Little Feet in the Whole Wide World

I AM NOT a feet person. I'm usually repulsed even by own feet. But I LOVE HER FEET. They're so cute and small and squishy and yummy. And for now, still small.

Read about Fingerprint Friday here.

Fun new Duckie words this week!...
"Hi Babeeeeeeee" while she was talking to her friend, Baby Titus. So cute!
And now one of her favorite things to do with people is run up to them and say "How-ah-youuuu!"


2000 yards of plastic wrap + 600 yards of packing tape

And we are officially moved out of our house. It was a good house too. The one where we brought Ava home with us. She had the cutest lavender, plum, pink, white and brown room. Awwww....tear!! I will miss it for that reason!

Duckie helped with labeling boxes!

Yes, she dressed herself, or at least insisted on wearing these pants with this shirt! :)

So Thanksgiving weekend is a complete blur because it was whirlwind of activity. My family started the festivities on Wednesday night. Brian, Ava, my friend Lindsay and I ran the Turkey Trot (woo hoo!) on Thanksgiving morning. Then Brian's brother's house after that. Then back home to finish packing up the house. Next morning, UHaul truck was there along with my brother and our friend Monty. Our lives were dedicated to moving/cleaning/throwing out stuff until Sunday evening. WHEW!! Glad that is OVER!!! Unfortunately, our incredibly decadent, scrumptious, ooey gooey goodness meals feel like weeks ago.

Check it. MMMMMMMM!!!!

Thanks Jen and Chase for all of the yummy grub. And to Brian's Granny for the dressing. I want more!

Oh and HIGH FIVE to my peeps on the Turkey Trot! Lindsay and I ran the entire time (Can I get a "woot woot!") and shaved TEN whole minutes off of our last 5k time just 6 weeks before that. We are no marathon runners or anything but this was HUGE for us!! Loved it. Brian pushed Duckie and they finished about 3.5 minutes ahead of us. YAY for Duckie and Daddy!!

OOOOOOO!! In other exciting news in our lives, our sweet Duckie is now looking at us and finally calling us "MOM-ma" and "Ta-Da!" Awwwww!! Melts my heart. Fills me with joy. She says "Ya-yah-you" for I love you too!!!!! Oh and maybe even more fun, she can say "tee tee" and "poo poo." Hehe... 12 more days and she turns the Big 2!!

This is one my new most favorite treasures in life...
She 'made' this little reindeer at school today! CUTE!!