Best of 2010!

Can't believe this year is actually coming to an end. My pal Lindsay said she used to think of "2010 was when we'd have flying cars and be all futuristic and stuff. And now, it's past that!" I must admit, I'm a little shocked myself.

So long 2010 ... Thanks for the memories! Can't wait for 2011!

Duckie on her second official day of walking!

First haircut. Scared to death. :)

Fell asleep sitting straight up, drinking milk.

February 11, 2010: Most snowfall we've ever seen in Dallas!


Duckie & Mommy

My nephew and his friends built the largest snowman ever.

Duckie hates snowmen...

...no matter what size.

Livin' it up at the park!

We LOVE Photobooth!!

Easter 2010

How am I supposed to get up the slide with this ridiculous skirt?

Pants on da' ground!

Duckie loves chips, of every kind, every flavor. Mmmmmm!

Balloons can provide hours and hours of fun!!

Turkey Trot 2010!

12.12.10: Night before Duckie turns TWO!

Family Birthday Shot! We love you Duckie!!

Waiting to see Santa

So many blessings this year. We are so thankful to God for the glorious days we had and look forward to next year!

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