what in the word?

so it's twenty twelve and i have no idea who pressed fast forward and made it the end of january already! (not complaining but wow, time is just FLYING BY these days!)

the mister finished his third semester of nursing school (woo hoo!).
we had a third birthday party.
duckie's great granny and ev came to spend christmas eve and morning with her.
we spent time with my family. new year's came and went.
daddy started his last semester of the nursing program (what?! double woo hoo!).
and now it's the end of january.

so sometime within the last few months, duckie officially morphed into a little girl. she is losing her baby-ness.
i'm pretty sure this happened overnight. she speaks in complete sentences, recalls memories, has an awesome sense of humor and is just a joy to be around. of course there are those things, that still remind me of how she is still quite little - even though to us, she is big! for instance, when she says "what in the word?" because she can't say her "rl" words yet. or "mommy, you want to twirrr? (twirl)" or on those special occasions where she stops her constant motion to sit in my lap for 10 minutes. ahh... that is my version of heaven on earth.

a quick snapshot my sister-in-law took of us over the break... this will go down as an all-time fave.

have a great weekend!