happy fourth birthday duckie!

it’s amazing that another year has sailed by, seemingly with a blink of an eye. you hit so many milestones this year sweet girl - and every day, you are doing something more clever, more funny while always maintaining the highest ‘cuteness factor’ possible. 

some of your most notable achievements this year were:
potty training
going to bed by yourself in your big girl bed
drawing faces and bodies 
learning to write your name
starting dance class
trying new foods
developing a unique sense of humor
learning to read
reciting bible verses

some of your favorite things:
dressing up like a princess
watching yourself in videos

your ability to remember things is remarkable. you will talk about things that happened as far back as a year ago - but refer to everything in the past as ‘yesterday’ :). your attention to detail is teetering near ocd - you always put the same clothes back on your polly pocket dolls and you can remember where you put things when you hide them from mommy. haha.

one of the greatest things about your birthday this year is that this was the first time we were able to ask you the birthday questions with you being able to answer each one and comprehend what we were asking! it seems so simple - but these things blow my mind. i am in awe of God’s glorious creation when i see your mind at work - developing the ability to draw a face, arms, legs and hair, then pair them together and differentiate yourself from me or daddy. and writing your name, hearing you read and sound out words ... nothing short of miraculous. and proof of God’s handiwork. 

here are our fun birthday questions and your responses this year!
 (responses are verbatim)
what is your favorite color ... pink
what is your favorite toy ... abacus
what is your favorite fruit ... applesauce
what is your favorite tv show ... bubble guppies
what is your favorite thing to eat for lunch ... pasta
what is your favorite outfit ... the pink dress with polka dots and sparkles
what is your favorite game ... princess game
what is your favorite snack ... cookies, cheetos and sticks
what is your favorite animal ... kitties with sparkles
what is your favorite song ... princess song
what is your favorite book ... roly poly
who is your best friend ... you and you, mommy and daddy
what is your favorite cereal ... chocolate
what is your favorite thing to do outside ... play and draw chalks on the porch
what is your favorite drink ... milk
what is your favorite holiday ... halloween and valentine’s day
what is your favorite thing to take to bed at night ... white blankie
what do you want for dinner on your birthday ... sandwiches
what is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast ... pancake
what do you want to be when you grow up ... tall

the last one is the best response i think! haha!!

duckie, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me and daddy. this is not the first or the last time you will hear this. and i hope you always remember. we love you. jesus loves you. and your life is the greatest blessing we have ever known. 

happy birthday precious angel!