Happy Birthday Duckie!

One of THE greatest days of my entire life was two years ago today.

Duckie, my angel, light of my life - Mommy and Daddy love you more than anyone has ever loved before. We are so grateful to God for blessing our lives with you.

Duckie's Two Year Stats:
Height: 34 inches (60%)

Weight: 24 pounds (10%)

She loves counting, playing with her animals and blocks, LOVES to draw pictures and play with stickers. And more than anything, she loves to work the room, by hugging, kissing and shaking everyone's hands. She says "KISSES!" when she wants to give you a kiss. And says "AWWWW!" when she gives hugs. Oh, they're the best hugs ever - even come with a gentle pat on the back with her head perfectly tucked into your shoulder. She's most ticklish underneath her arms and on her (formerly) chubby thighs.

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