It's official!

So, this is my official attempt at starting a blog. I have been thinking about doing this for so long that I even started one under a different name awhile back but I guess this one is 'the one' now. It's been a difficult transition for me to make. See, I'm a handwriting-in-the-journal-type girl. I like the thought of using a pen to write my notes to my daughter, Ava (her nickname is Duckie - hence the blog name), and giving her the opportunity to be able to go back and read or reread them 50 years from now. Although, by then, we may not even have paper anymore (crazy!). But there's just something about seeing the writing on the pages, all the exclamation points by the times I've been so excited and the underlines and ALL CAPS! Kinda like the typed notes my grandpa used to send me in the mail - only his were typed because his hands shook so much. There's something so personal about seeing the 'o' typed directly over what used to be an 'e' or when he had to just put slashes through an entire sentence. I can just picture him sitting at that old, old typewriter, spending so much time to write me a note. Or the collection of birthday cards that my dad gave me each year. I love seeing his lefty handwriting and all the thicks and thins where he picked up the pen and set it back down. **sigh**

But, like everything else, typing is just simply faster. And at this point in my life, time is a luxury that I don't seem to have a lot of. So... here we go!

Today was one of my dearest girlfriend's son's second birthday party - Zakary! So, why is this relevant? Well, Duckie was born exactly 50 days after him. On our way to the party, I was asking her "aren't you excited that Zakary is two?!" And then it hit me like a ton of bricks...


Oh my gosh! What the heck happened? How did my teeny weeny sweet little 6lb 3.9oz baby all of sudden become a TWO YEAR OLD? I can't be the mom of a two year old!?!? WOW!! Amazing! I know, I know... HOLD THE PHONE... Two is nothing in the grand scheme of life but to me, this is monumental stuff here. Let me say this out loud now... "I am the mother of a two year old." Whew! I did it! Oh wait, guess she's not actually two yet. Why am I freaking out again? Oh yeah, because it's only 50 days away!! Hahahahaha!!

Even bigger and better than that, let me give credit where credit is due. I owe it all to the Big Guy, the man upstairs. You guessed it - thank you God. Thank you for blessing me with a precious miracle and giving me each day with her. She is perfect. She is everything I have ever dreamed of and I am so humbled to know I have been entrusted by you to be her mommy. My life is dedicated to making her life focused on you.

And for any of you who want to see what else made this day so special, here's proof...