Project 365 :: May 2011

I can’t believe another month has flown by! (Do I say that every month?... Probably)
This month was very eventful in our lives. Biggest news is that we moved! Yay!!
We LOVE our new home and our new neighbors!

Playing with side walk chalk is a new favorite activity for you. Of course, coloring and playing with stickers is also a great time. We opened up a present from Christmas or your birthday that had been tucked away, called Button Art. And you love to run and get the game and exclaim “BUPPINS!”
Bubble baths are major fun too. You love to talk to your squeezie toy animals and call them by their name as you line them up, push them around the edge of the tub and then throw them in the water.
You are officially a pro at working an iPhone - wow - it completely blows my mind to watch you work that thing. I never told you what to do. You simply picked this up by watching me use mine! I think I may have shown you one time how to slide the button to get past the first screen and then you were off to the races! You can scroll through pages, open subfolders, pick your apps, open and close them, take pictures and send text messages!! You love the Preschool and FisherPrice games but you even like to play Angry Birds!! Hahahah! I guess the next phone we get, you’ll be teaching me!

Duckie, you talk SO MUCH now!! You say such clear sentences now and understand most things I ask you to do. I love that you are always putting more complete thoughts together and saying things like “Thank you, Mommy.” And you’re funny too... while you’re eating something you enjoy you will stop after taking a bite and gleefully exclaim “DEEE-wish-uhs!” (delicious!)

Emmie is still your best pal dolly. You take her almost everywhere with you. And you care for her like a mommy would care for her baby. She sits next to you when you eat and you will talk to Emmie at night as you are lying in bed. There was one night that I went in your room after you had fallen asleep and you were asleep, under your blankie. And you had placed Emmie right next to you and she was also under her blankie. Awww!!

We’re still working on the potty training thing. You haven’t shown a lot of interest lately but I think it’s time we start spending more time with it... We’ll see what you think of this.We’re also going to be looking into building your big girl bed this month too! WOW!!

You battled two nasty cases of being sick. You had the flu and then you had bronchitis. Yuk! But you are such a trooper. Mommy got sick too and she’s not near as tough as you. :)

Daddy traveled to Japan with the Navy. We spent a lot of time coloring pictures for him, making videos and sending him pictures. It was fun just hanging out, just you and me but we were SO HAPPY to have him home. While he was gone, you liked to get your pink vacuum cleaner out and say “just like Daddy!” while you swept around the room.

The weather ranged from low 40’s to high 90’s - yeah, that’s how we do it in Texas. I just think it’s funny how the clothes you were wearing in the pictures from May range from hoodie pullovers with boots to bathing suit!!

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