little miss sweet p

so i can’t believe it’s almost been two weeks but last thursday, my friend lindsay started her morning at her 36 week doctor’s appointment and by that afternoon 3:18pm, she met her baby girl!
obviously a complete surprise to come that early but baby payton got a clean bill of health and is at home packing boxes with her mommy, getting ready to move in the 110 degree texas heat. yay, thanks payton!

i was lucky enough to meet and hold little sweet p (as i like to refer to her) that first day and then over the weekend, i brought duckie to meet “baby paayy-tinnn” as she says.

here are some of the pictures i took during our visit.
(yes, i am tearing up as i post these. just so thankful to share these moments)


...what a precious family of three...
a little birdie told me sweet p already has daddy wrapped around her tiny little finger
...mommy and payton...
it’s like you can smell newborn right through the screen

...lindsay’s dad said, “it looks like she has a garden on the side of her head!”...
yes, her parents are as adorable as she is

...more family. my favorite is the second one...
when he stepped into frame, these were their natural expressions
pure love, just the kind i think God intended

...duckie with sweet p...
being so, so gentle, looking to linds for reassurance


this day was oh, so special.

not only because of how much lindsay and matt mean to me, but because of how much they also mean to ava.
she always remembers to say their names when we pray at night.
and right now, her most favorite thing to do in the world is bounce up and down while repeating this hilarious little chant that matt taught her while they kept her over my birthday weekend.

“where we gonna go?!?!...”

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  1. Oh my goodness- tears streaming! Thank you so much for this post! And for the amazing pictures. i am just in love with them. I change the images on my iPhone every other day because I have so many favorites. Thank you thank you thank you.