sick of being sick

so this past week was sick week. evil, nasty, disgusting sick week. blah!

monday evening
me: body aches and pains, then a nasty fever.
duckie: perfectly fine.

me: worst. headache. ever. plus fever.
duckie: perfectly fine.

wednesday morning approx 2:13am
me: same.
duckie: puking her guts out all over herself, me and our bed.
thank you lord for hubby being home.

me: same.
duckie: the big “D” firing out the rear. all day.
hubby leaves for drill until sunday. boo. boo hoo wahh.

same as wednesday
thursday night approx 11:36pm
me: fever 104.9 ... what? check it again 10 min later: 105.5. time to get nervous. called bro (the er doc) who talked me off the ledge and convinced me i was not dying.
duckie: sound asleep.

me: fever back down to 101.7 - feels cool compared to the night before.
duckie: on the mend. no trace of big “D”

me: same.
duckie: singing + bouncing = feeling better.

me: first day without a fever. it’s a miracle. thank you lord for making me better.
please, please let me feel even better tomorrow!
duckie: see below

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