23 Months and Counting

My sweet Duckie is 23 months young today!! WOO HOO!! Precious little girl - she is such an angel! Always greeting people with a huge smile, vigorous waving and an enthusiastic "HI-eeee!" And if she's seen you more than once, she's likely to fully embrace both of your legs with a munchkin bear hug. There are no words that I can think of that describe my love for her. My heart is full of joy!!

Have I mentioned how much she LOVES shoes?? All shoes. My shoes, her shoes, her daddy's shoes, her cousins shoes, her friends' shoes. (I feel like a Dr. Seuss book - HA!)

So, this morning, as I was taking some stuff out to the car, I turned around to see this...

Yeah, I'm wearing your shoes mommy!

I. Am. Outta here!

More glorious pictures of this little shoe-obsessed cutie!!

Killer socks girlfriend.

Told ya!! HAHA!!

Okay, okay, so she does do other things than play with shoes all day and night. She's talking a lot now. Friday morning after kissing her daddy bye-bye, he said "I love you." And she responded, "toooo..." AWWWW!! Melt my heart why don't you?! Is there a better feeling than hearing your baby say "I love you too" for the first time ever?! I can't think I can think of one. :) My heart overflows with love for this adorable munchkin!! 

Duckie, I will enjoy these last 30 days of you being me one year old!!

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