Just for you, Duckie

I know I tend to say this over and over again. But sweet girl, mommy loves you so much. Anyway, it's been an exciting week for us, huh? I'm going to do my best to start taking just a few minutes to jot down the cutest things you do for the day so I can remember!! So many things happen during the week, it's hard to keep up with you girl!! :)

So, even though you started off the week by getting a nasty stomach bug, you were never phased (unless it was mid-vomit) and your cheery little self was all smiles! This week, you learned how to say "thank you!" which is pronounced more like "tank oooooouu" - LOVE IT! And you say it all the time, whether you're getting something or you're giving something to someone else! Awww - so sweet of you!!

This morning while we were getting ready to go out for the day, you looked at me in the mirror and said "Momma!" and then we pointed to Daddy and you said "ta-da" which literally sounded like "Dada" but with a "t" sound at the front. And then we asked who you were and you said "Ah-va" like the song, Ava Maria. YAY!!! Keep it up cutie pie - everyone loves to hear you shout their names with so much fervor!

Anyway, mommy is soooo sleepy right now but I wanted to squeeze in some of those priceless moments from the week. You melt my heart into one big ooey gooey mess of smushiness. I love you Duckie Marie. God has blessed me with the ultimate gift in you.

Here you are helping me grocery shop this week. Thanks baby, you're the best!

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