Gratitude Challenge

Since this is probably my third time to post, I'm not sure if I'm doing this right at all. But let's give this baby a try!

My friend Lindsay showed me this blog challenge. It's all about gratitude - gotta love that!

Speaking of Gindsay - that's what I call her - she awarded me this (even though I don't think I'm that versatile yet). But thanks anyway! She is truly the best. :)

These are the rules: 

Thank and Link back to who gave you the award 
Share 7 things about yourself 
Pass it along to 7 blogs you've recently discovered and enjoyed 
Leave your recipients a note telling them about their new, totally cool, award
7 Things About Myself:
• I wish I were four inches taller because my one year old is over half my height!
• Being a mother has made me realize things I never thought I'd understand.
• Before last month, running for a mile without stopping was hands-down impossible.
• Sometimes I think it would be fun to have 4 kids. :)
• I love to sing REALLY loud when I'm all alone in the car.
• My favorite foods come from potatoes.

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