BBS: Week 6 Discussion

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What meant the most to you from this chapter or offered you the greatest challenge or inspired you deeply?
I am challenged and inspired at the same time to learn how to submit and respect my husband. This is not an easy thing for me to naturally do. I feel very determined and stubborn about certain things and don’t always stop to think about how that may be disrupting God’s intention for our lives. Not only that but it is belittling to my husband at the same time - so bad times two. Yuck. My heart is in need of change, and that is what I intend to do. And even if it feels too difficult for me to do for him at times, I will remind myself that I’m actually doing this for HIM.

Write out what these verses say about our submission:

Ephesians 5:22-24
Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife - like Christ is the head of the church.

Colossians 3:18
Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.

Titus 2:5
Wives are to be subject to their husbands and teach the younger women to be pure so that no one will disobey the word of God.

1 Peter 3:1
Wives be submissive to your husbands - especially if the husband does not believe the word - so that he may be convinced by your actions and behavior.

Choose a positive word of response:
“Okay!” ...said with a happy face and without cynicism or objection... I am fully convinced that if I let him suggest more things and I openly accept his ideas without “trying to be realistic,” it will not only make him feel like a man. He will feel confident that I trust him. I always say I want to be treated like a lady - so I guess it should be a no-brainer that he would want to be treated like a man!! (duh!!)

Ask of each word, act and attitude, “Am I bending or bucking?”
Wow - what a toughie. This is like a kick in the gut, accompanied by my punch in the face from Ch. 5! Ha! I guess I don’t consider my strong opinions to be perceived as disrespectful but I can see how they could be... Just like I need to help him - I need to also bend. I know he will not take advantage of me so why is it so hard for me to just let him do things his way when he wants to? He lets me have a lot of freedom and asks me for my opinions on anything he knows would be a big deal to me. I need to just let go and give it all to the Big Guy (God). ;)

Write out simple definitions for these words:

Respect - giving special attention

Notice - favorable attention

Regard - special consideration

Honor - to highly admire someone

Prefer - like better than something else

Venerate - to honor with a ritual act of devotion

Esteem - admiration

Defer - to put off or delay

Praise - to glorify

Love - to cherish

Admire - to greatly appreciate something

Exceedingly - extremely

1. Make a commitment to revere and respect your husband.
I will honor and respect my husband, allowing him to make important decisions for our family - trusting that the Lord is control of our lives. And my God-given responsibility is to help my life mate to succeed. I will not belittle him by challenging his decisions - and I will not ever, ever, ever make him feel like less of a man by showing disrespect in public.

2. Treat your husband as you would Christ Himself. How will you do this today?
I will build him up and encourage him. I will remind him of how much I love him and appreciate everything he is doing for our family. I will not be upset even though I miss him since he’s working so much. I will be supportive and smile when he has to leave for work. I will pray for him while he is away.

3. Ask of your attitude, “Am I demonstrating respect for my husband?”
Everyday I’m going to have to pay close attention to my actions. I love how this book gives practical advice for growing my heart closer to God’s and understanding what it’s going to take to be after His will for our lives. I will not air out my frustrations with anyone as gossip. I will only share experiences respectfully in order to offer encouragement to another woman who is seeking help through other believer’s learnings.

What an AWESOME chapter! I loved how the heart response and ended up re-writing it for my journal and put Brian’s name in the spot of husband so it would resonate and repeated it aloud a few times. What a great reminder to stay focused on making him my top priority and to be his encourager and respect him the way God would want me to!!

“Brian is my LIFE MATE. He is God’s good and PERFECT GIFT to me, part of GOD’S PLAN for my personal fulfillment and spiritual development.”

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  1. Wasn't this a great chapter! Opened up so many things that I am NOT doing! Thanks so much for linking up:)