Verse of the Week {9} Proverbs 10:12

So this one couldn't be any more true, could it?

Have you ever known a time where hatred has not stirred up conflict?.... Even if you believe you are justified in being angry at someone who has wronged you, hating only perpetuates negativity. At least for me, if I become spiteful and overwhelmed by unrest due to someone else’s actions, I often find myself (unintentionally) taking it out on someone else who isn’t even at fault for the first wrongdoing. 

What happens next?... A downward spiral of people paying it forward - but not the good kind - the dirty rotten kind. 

What’s the takeaway? Next time you feel disrespected, hurt or hated ... STOP. DROP (to your knees). And PRAY.  God tells us to love our enemies ... Matthew 5:44 ... Are you loving yours??

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