I heart spring break!

So, I don’t actually get a spring break but here are some things why I still love it.

1. My husband still gets one and that means we get to see him A LOT this week! WOO HOO!
2. Duckie is on spring break and she will get to do a lot of fun stuff this week!
3. Traffic is awesome during the week. Everyone goes out of town with their kids, there’s no school zones and getting to work is about 20 minutes faster. Who doesn’t need an extra 20 minutes every day right after we spring forward?
4. I am taking some time off this week to spend with the family. Not a whole week but I’ll take what I can get!
5. And last but not least... I love spring break because this is how we started off our week!

Zakary pulling Duckie around the block
on his Power Wheels!

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