Cabin Fever!

Last week was probably the craziest snow/ice/wintry mix that I have ever experienced in my 33+ years in Dallas! It iced over so badly, we missed 3.5 work days. Plus, on the last day, it snowed almost 6 inches! (Anyone who knows Texas understands that actually means we were in a BLIZZARD!) And since I had taken Monday off, I only worked a few hours on Thursday! WOO HOO!

I loved every moment of the week spent with the hubs and Duckie! We stayed in on Tuesday but Wednesday, we started to get cabin fever so we ended up killing a few hours with a 5mph trip to Best Buy and Target!

(left) Like father, like daughter, huh?
(right) Poor Emmie... It's hard work being a toy sometimes. Duckie wedged Emmie in the chair by her feet and then vigorously pushed her while squealing "WWEEEEE!! WWEEEEE!"

I know some people went a little nuts with the week off but I LOVED IT! We haven't spent that much time together as a family (maybe ever) with no obligations. What a life!!

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