What I'm Loving Wednesday

Today has been one of those days that could really get me down.
SO... instead of wallowing in yuck,
I decided to start thinking of all the things that make me HAPPY!!
And remembered this link!....

This is my first time to link up with Jamie. 
Here we go!...

Here's what I'm LOVING...

...these SAH-WEET vintage flash cards for kids!
Aren't they cool???

...this "love" headboard!!
I hope my husband can recreate a version of this for our room!!

image:  Dana Miller for House*Tweaking

...this precious picture of Duckie and
how blessed she is we are to have cousins who ADORE her! :)

...the way that this girl doesn't even need to use her hands to eat cake!!

What do you LOVE today??

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