Verse of the Week {6} 1 Peter 4:8

This one is a great verse too.
How easy is it to take that little four-letter word for granted.

But did you ever stop and think about how God intended for us to really love each other, in every situation, the way He loves us. As humans, we tend to not treat each other lovingly if we are mad or upset at someone who we're close to. Or, it's easy for us to judge others we don't know. I think if God were to literally speak to us about LOVE, we would all realize we haven't been loving each other the way he commands. I think He would say we are to show love to each other, at all time, no matter if we have had our feelings hurt or don't agree with one another in all matters. And we are to fight hate, resentment and resist sin with by out-loving them.

Join in!

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  1. I love the verses! They are so great!

    Have a great day!