Coolest New (to me) Inspiration Site: Pintrest

My girl LINDSAY (super cool gal who has a GRRREAT EYE for beautiful things)
turned me onto this AWESOME new site called Pintrest.
All I can say is it's THE BOMB!!
Check it out!
If you're into design, cool ideas, DIY projects or need inspiration for, well, pretty much anything, you need to become a member of this site. For me, this applies to every aspect of my life, even work. 
 Which makes it even more.... (say it with me) AWESOME!! 

*Yes, this post was (and still is) in my book, one that is glorious enough to be called AWESOME (all caps) more than once. Three times exactly, including this one.*


  1. The Bomb is right - this site is AWESOME!

  2. thanks for this! I've never heard of this site--gonna go check it out ;)