Verse of the Week {5} Jeremiah 1:5

Great verse. AMAZING verse.

This one is more powerful now that I've actually experienced motherhood. Carrying our baby for all of those months and all of the emotion wrapped up into that. Overwhelming. Incredible. And then to think, God created her way before she was even conceived. She is just a one little piece of His grand plan.

And even bigger than that, to think of my life story. How I was abandoned at birth but adopted by a wonderful Christ-centered family who would show me the first piece of God's abundant love for me. There just aren't any words to describe how all of this makes me feel. Brings me to my knees. Tears to my eyes. Surrounded by God's grace.


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  1. LOVE it. and your story. and your creativity. basically everything. Thanks for linking up!!!

  2. I agree with Lindsay - LOVE it, LOVE you!