My Boop!!

We got our first pair of rain boots yesterday. WOW!! Her reaction was priceless. Had I known it was going to be so dramatic, I would have recorded it! I said, Duckie look! I got you some rain boots - and as soon as she saw them her face lit up with joy and she gasped and exclaimed "MY BOOOOOOOOP!!" 

Saying, "lesss go! lessss go!"

Really, this past week was great all around with my Duckie girl. She continues to be the most affectionate and kind little girl in the world. She seems to be learning something new every day - things like clearly putting sentences together and making sense of conversation. Before, she used to say "thank you" and "you're welcome" one right after the other. But now, if I say "thank you," she returns with "you're welcome" only. :) Seems so simple, right? Not really though!! She still says thank you when she's trying to hand me something from the backseat but I am constantly in awe at her little brain soaking up everything she sees!

A couple of months ago, she only knew a few animals and their sounds... But now, she knows dog, cat, sheep, pig, cow, horse, duck, monkey, turtle, giraffe, lion, zebra, elephant, fish, bird and probably more! Not all of those animals have sounds yet but the ones that do, man she is soooo good at making them!

And this morning.... Ooooooooo, she did the most cuddly thing. Brian went to go get her when she woke up and brought her back to our room. She crawled into bed with me and snuggled into my side and scooted herself down right next to me like we were sardines... And then she grabbed the covers and wiggled a little bit to get all cozy and pulled them up to her neck like we do. AAWWWWWW!!!! Oh it was so scrumptiously adorable!! She is just plain awesome.

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