Sick Day and Happy Birthday Catherine!

So this morning, Duckie woke up with a wicked hot temperature - which turned into a stomach virus situation - but every time the Tylenol kicked in, she ran around like she was fine... She is one tough cookie. It's rare that she is ever sitting still or not laughing, smiling, screaming, etc... But here is one of those rare moments... I think she's extra cute when she's pitiful. :)

And let me kick a shout out to my girl CATHERINE and wish her the Bestest, Happiest Birthday EVER!! Baby Titus is the best present you could ever hope for, huh? I'm so happy I get to see him every day!!!! Thank you for being the most generous hostess on the planet! You just don't know how much we are forever grateful for the sacrifices you are making for us. We love the Edges!!!

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