To Duckie, From Mommy

This is solely an update on you girl! You are still the sweetest little girl in the world - you love giving hugs and touching the hand of everyone in the room. And if you get too hungry or tired, you sneak in the occasional temper tantrum! WOW! Where on earth do you learn this stuff?

Today, while we were sitting at the table eating dinner, you did something that I thought was awesome - so I said "Alright, that's awesome!" ... Then you looked at me and repeated "AH-sahhh!" (meaning AWESOME!) That's my girl!!

And even if we are right in the middle of something really fun, I can look at you and say, "Are you ready to go upstairs and take a bath?" And you will literally drop what's in your hands and run to the stairs! Cutie pie!!...

You are awesome. And so are these socks.

Love you!

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